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Five Tips To Stay Safe During Garden DIY

Five Tips To Stay Safe During Garden DIY

, by Okas Concepts, 4 min reading time

Five Tips To Stay Safe During Garden DIY

Many people love to work in the garden. In recent times it has been found that people started working in the garden more due to its health benefits. Therefore, we decided it’s probably worthwhile to know some valuable safety tips that it’s good to keep in mind, to help you use your garden ladders and others safely.

1. Be Careful With Power Tools

If you're using equipment like chainsaws, circular saws, grinders, and other garden machinery, there’s an honest chance that you are simply conscious of using it. But don’t be – overconfident as this might cause an accident! Regardless of how well you know your equipment, the most effective way to stay safe is to always treat them like you’re using them for the very first time and provide them the respect they deserve. Move them deliberately, and don’t leave them on an unstable surface, regardless of how briefly.

Most importantly – and here’s where most people stumble – don’t make any change to any power machinery unless you're sure it’s off and all moving parts have stopped.

2. Use Proper Working Kit

Doctors and hospitals are often found to serve reasonably as a standard consequence of machine misadventures. While treating the facility tool carefully is the primary step to avoiding these, it’s equally important to make sure that you’re properly dressed for the work, with the proper kit and clothing. Meaning regardless of how warm it's outside, don’t cut the lawn wearing flip flops, or soft sandals! Sturdy shoes are safest, like steel-capped boots.

Hard gloves are another essential piece of kit when working outdoors, even though there aren’t power tools involved. You’ll also need an honest set of safety glasses or goggles if you’re using strimmers or similar tools, as it’s not unprecedented for stones and other objects to fly up into the operator’s face.

3. Make Sure Your Workspace Is Clear

This is another good general rule for most DIY, but especially true for garden work. You should always need to have a clear space around you in order to ensure your safety and that of everyone else. This is especially important in the garden, given its usual role as a family space where pets and young children are prone to running and playing. If it is necessary, it is better to lock yourself out there temporarily, especially if you’re using particularly heavy equipment like ride-on mowers.

4. Check Your Ladder Is Safe Before Using

This is something we are used to saying a lot, but there’s a decent reason for that – it’s because it’s worth repeating! Regardless of how many times you’ve used your ladder before, you ought to always provide it another quick check before you employ it, just in case you identify something that may possibly make it unsafe.

Contrary to what many folks believe, falls from short heights can be even as dangerous as falls from longer ones. Before you step foot thereon, ensure that it’s sturdy and stable and that it can take your weight. You’ll get to move it to a special working surface if necessary, like a tough patio instead of soft ground. (That’s where our garden ladders are available handy, by the way – they use the third leg to stabilize themselves on soft ground like grass or mud, providing extra safety value and peace of mind.

5. Choose the Correct Ladder For Your Work

One of our top safety tips for working in the garden is to always make sure you’ve got the right equipment. You wouldn’t plan to mow the lawn wearing roller skates, so similarly, don’t attempt to jury rig just any ladder for the task at hand. It’s quite common for people to rest extension ladders against trees – or worse, hedges – while they’re performing on them, but ideally, these should be used on more plain or rough surfaces where they can be fully secured. Again, this is the place where garden ladders are worth their weight in gold! Similarly, ensure to keep your hips inside the guardrails at all times. A major proportion of injuries are right down to people leaning out too far away from their ladders!

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