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Benefits of Using a Platform Trolley

Benefits of using a Platform Trolley for Material Handling.

, by Okas Concepts, 8 min reading time

Warehouse Platform Trolley and Its Utilities for Material Handling


We all have seen warehouse platform trolleys before but don’t know about it. You may have been told you need one as a solution to maneuver your goods from one place to another with ease and not know where to start, what type of platform is right for you, and how exactly you can use it.

Well, you are at the right place!

Platform trolley is goods maneuvering equipment, designed for easy transportation of heavy or bulky items. They are very useful where carrying heavy items manually over longer distances would be unsafe or stressful on your body.

The main purpose of a warehouse trolley is to move items from one place to another with ease while allowing you to carry more loads than you would carry manually.

You'll notice that the item features a simple design so you and your employee can use it instantly with minimal or without any training. Most versions follow almost the same design of a flat platform with four casters (wheels) and a fixed or folding handle which is used to either push or pull the trolley and therefore the load it's carrying.

It's important that you know what weight capacity you would like your platform trolley to carry as multiple types are capable of carrying up to 500kg weight.

The easy-to-use moving equipment is a foldable platform trolley in order to store them with ease when not in use which will save your space and avoid any increased chances of hazards or using floor space. You can get variations of the merchandise to match certain applications or to maneuver goods for certain industries with the merchandise having the ability to be made for bespoke requirements.

Platform trollies are utilized in a variety of industries like construction, schools, libraries, warehouses, and factories to name a few showing how versatile the product is and where you'll be able to use them.

Benefits of Platform Trolley

There are a variety of benefits you can get from using one of these robust and heavy-duty platform trolleys. We're going to check out the variety of them below to offer you a stronger idea of whether it is the right solution for your current, or any future, moving challenges.

Most trolleys have a grip where the load sits to make sure the load stays in place and doesn't become unbalanced. For anyone operating this equipment, it means they will not need to worry about the load accidentally slipping or becoming unstable.

The wheels on it provide a smooth transportation process as long as there aren't any obstructions within the surrounding area so you'll be able to move items around your floor space with ease.

You can also use platform trolleys to move goods from one place to a different one that may be wider and odd-shaped when something like a machine mover can't do the task.

Safety Measures

When lifting any heavy product there's always a possible risk and that's where the platform trolley can help significantly to scale back the chance of damage and personal injury.

Platform trolleys are designed to take the heavy goods out of moving objects, small and heavy, so it's less strain for the operator and person moving the item to make sure safe and simple transportation.

You need to remember to not try to exceed the capacity of the variation you have as this may potentially damage the products it's carrying, making it less efficient when transporting.

If you're carrying heavy goods, please always ensure you're wearing the appropriate safety equipment like suitable safety clothing, gloves, and footwear to avoid any personal injury to the operator.

Making of industrial platform trolley

The industrial platform trolley is built in a way to carry industrial raw materials, unfinished goods, and other components that are large in size and heavy in weight. They’re in huge quantity and have a particular or awkward shape that needs a special sort of transportation. It’s quite common to look out for vehicles that are primarily used for specific jobs. However, vehicles for transporting different types of commercial goods must not be common, as industrial goods require some special vehicles for transportation. One of the simplest material handling tools for industries is the platform trolley. They help run the assembly unit smoothly. They not only transfer heavy loads from one place to a different, but they also protect your employees from risky factors like accidents, damages, and plenty of other unforeseen circumstances.

Moreover, the uneven surface of the production floor makes the work very difficult for the workers. Therefore the environment of the production unit is additionally very volatile, and sensitive and there are also many potentially risky reactions of materials. So industries need special material handling tools in order to move their products safely. Thus, each production unit needs to use effective material handling equipment that's affordable and sturdy. The transportation equipment for the industry must be well-produced and it also has well adaption feature for all the tasks of an industry. During this article, we are about to discuss the development and accessories that are fixed in trolleys for providing effective performance for various types of industries.

High-quality platform trolleys are generally supported by a stainless steel or polypropylene frame that gives long-lasting durability to the merchandise. Platform trolleys are also present in versatile forms including office trolleys, hand trolleys, order-picking trolleys, etc. With reference to the usage of trolleys, differing types of accessories like clips, chains, brakes, holders, side rails, lids, handles, etc. are attached to the merchandise in order to produce increased performance in the industries. This is the fundamental construction of trolleys which provides strength within the main body of the trolley. It also prevents the users from getting injured or cut while their body is in touch with the merchandise.

Foldable platform trolleys are the best choice for lifting heavy objects

Do you think working in a warehouse is that basic? No, yet currently there are numerous gear created for warehouses to make the employments less demanding and basic. Imperative employment in warehouses to try and do is to convey, lift, and move boxes or any luggage. Employments of trolleys and beds help in transporting any substantial burdens or baggage, also some actualities expand effectiveness in the working environment.

Distinctive warehouses would require various sorts of hardware that won’t make any wounds or issues specialists. So there are distinctive kinds of trolleys that will be utilized for a specific mechanical reason and that own the capacity to ease out the material handling work.

The expansion in employment of trolleys and beds is exceptionally expanding, in that way, Industrial trolleys positions higher. Modern trolleys are found in businesses, processing plants, warehouses, then forth.

If you simply need to transport some substantial burdens or overwhelming obligations things then platform trolleys are the right decision. They’re accessible in various stacking limits, different sizes, and shapes and this trolley has castor wheels which might be simple to push.

Thus, to lift heavy objects in any warehouse or related space, Industrial platform trolleys are the correct choice.

Where to Buy

As a platform trolley is a piece of essential warehouse equipment you must buy it from an authorized manufacturer or supplier. You must check for the durability of the product and also the after-sales support. Equal is the most trusted and authorized manufacturer of warehouse platform trolleys in India, serving numerous types of trolleys in various weight slabs, such as

Platform trolley 150 kg

Platform trolley 300 kg

Platform trolley 500 kg

Equal is serving both polypropylene and metal trolleys at the most reasonable price. If you have any questions related to material handling and warehouse trolley, write to us.  

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